Searching for cists is an exciting way to discover new landscapes, unusual spots, weird but also beautiful places - sometimes right on your doorstep - while having lots of fun !

It's absolutely free, open to anybody, safe and an ideal entertainment for family and friends alike !

What is a "cist" ?


In ancient Greece, a cist was a basket used to carry sacred gifts for the gods. Today, it is a waterproof plastic box (Tupperware™ or similar). It contains some objects of little or no value and has been hidden somewhere. For you, there is nothing to gain but the pleasure of finding it !

The person who has hidden a cist is called a "Hider", and the people who find it are "Finders".


Hiding a cist is kid stuff ! All you have to do is to put some small and funny objects in the cist. For example, a keyring, an eccentric corkscrew, a figurine, an old coin, an exotic stamp, an audio cassette on which you have recorded a poem, an awful tie, a picture of your mother-in-law, or even a CD of an unbearable singer !

Apart from edible goods, dangerous or indecent articles, everything can be used : all you have to do is to show your creativity !

But don't forget to put a pencil and a few sheets of paper [or a small notebook] in yout cist, so that the Finders can leave a message.

Please note : don't wrap up your cist in plastic (such as garbage bag, plastic foil, a.s.o.) as it concentrates moisture and develops mold. Plastic wrap also attracts rodents.

Then hide your cist somewhere outdoors, as it is, without burying it (but you may cover it with stones or branches). Be careful to avoid dangerous places and private property. If possible, choose a charming, spectacular location which is likely to delight the people who will seek your cist.

Now that your cist is well hidden, you are a "Hider". Next step : you must allow it to be found !

All you must do is disclose on this web-site the name of the State, Territory or country where you have hidden your cist, the name of the closest towns, and a short riddle (6 or 7 lines) which will allow the Seekers to find it.

Please note : although you must write this riddle so that it looks complicated or mysterious, in fact it must be easy to decipher. The aim of the game is to allow your cist to be found by as many Seekers as possible, not to make it impossible to locate !


You can find out where cists have been hidden by clicking on the icon "Where are they ?" on the top right hand side of this page.

Don't forget : this is a game, and as with all games, it is more fun to play with family and friends !

Maybe you will think that the instructions left by the Hiders make cist-finding a piece of cake. Wrong ! Although we advise the Hiders to write easy-to-understand riddles, once you are on the spot, your sense of direction could be drastically challenged, and you may face some difficulties ! But that's all part of the fun !


You have found a cist. Now what must you do ?

Open the box and take out one object which you will keep as a souvenir. Then write a few appreciative words to the Hider on the sheet of paper [or notebook]. Finally, put another object in the box, as a replacement for the one you just took out. That's all !

Next, hide the cist again exactly where and how you found it, so that it stays out of sight and doesn't risk being discovered by a passerby.

So when you leave home, make sure to take an object with you to replace the one you'll take out of the cist. Make it small because cists are often already quite full.

Now, you have to register your discovery !

In order to get everybody to know of your success, you must register your find on this web site. This will be done by mentioning the date of the swap, the name of the object you took out and the one you put in.

You feel like becoming a cist Seeker ? To discover the places where cists have been hidden, click on the above icon "Where are they ?" and follow the instructions until the detail of the cist of your choice is displayed. To register, see at the bottom of that page.

You are a Hider and you have just hidden a cist. Now you want to challenge the seekers to find it : click here.

You are a Finder : register your swap of objects directly on the page describing this cist.

Have fun !